Are you looking for the centerpiece of your lounge, living room or office?

You might have set an imaginary picture in your mind, what’s that?

A big Grey sofa with classic look?

Sofa that combines both these features i.e. comfort and style in one range?

If it is, you just need to pick the king of sofas i.e. chesterfield sofas.

It is well known by the time of Earl Chesterfield and was in plain style at that time but, now with the advancement in time, it can meet the modern style and comfort in one range.

The king of sofas being evergreen never get old and is seen for centuries in pure British design in U.K and all around the globe. It comes in various styles and designs that make it more versatile.

Color of the chesterfield can be chosen according to your desire like emerald green, black, wine red, lime green and white chesterfield. But to add a majestic style and royal touch you need to go for a Grey sofa.


Buttons at the back of sofa not only meant for decoration but also to ensure comfort. Back buttons define the style of sofa as well the distance between them demonstrates whether the sofa is of contemporary style or classic style. Grey sofa with wedge foot makes it more elegant in style.

Type of fabric can be chosen according to the decoration around the place. If you have a royal, fancy interior, you can choose velvet.


Chesterfield can be chosen according to the place where you want to place this centerpiece whether in the lobby of a hospital or in a living room. For harsh or dry environment, you need to pick a leather sofa.

However, to add royal touch, white chesterfield is chosen but it needs extra care as compared to other colors and fabrics. Back filled with foam and its pocket sprung base make it more comfy and cozy to sit and let you to watch a movie till late night.

Depth of 80 cm of your chesterfield makes it comfortable to sit to your grandma or to give a cozy nest to your pets. If you are using leather sofa, it is recommended to keep your pets away.


Chesterfield sofas are available as ready made as well as prepared on your custom order. To equip your room with majestic look you must consider a Grey sofa in contemporary style.